Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMSI III x Halor "L" Pupdate and Nuri coming home

It's a wonderful day (well besides the fact that it was raining all damn day) because I found out that Nuri will be coming home tomorrow! She is through her heat cycle and I will be heading out to NER tomorrow morning to pick her up. I will also be bringing home another pup for a fellow NJ Puppy Raiser. Little Zack II will be spending the night with me and will head off to his PR's home on Friday morning. But I'm so excited to have Nuri back. It has been a VERY long two weeks without a puppy around to play with and train. I did have another PR's pup, Ivana, here for the day and we had a lot of fun running errands and playing around!And as for the Pupdate on Halor's litter, they now have NAMES! Awesome! They are absolutely adorable too. I would put up the pictures as well, but my computer is being a pain. Another time I promise! But here they are in birth order:

(F)Red: Laurie
(F)Blue: Lovey
(F)Purple: Lillith
(M)Neon Green: Locke
(F) Neon Pink: Loralee
(M) Brown: Louie
(F) Light Pink: Lupe
(F) Turquoise: Leah
(M) Orange: Linus

This weekend is also the New York Metro Abilities Expo which is held in Edison, NJ at the Raritan Center. This is an awesome place to be and I truly enjoy working CCI's booth. There are a lot of people wandering around and the stuff that they have is amazing! It's a long day of work, but it's really a lot of fun. If you're in the area, try and check it out! They have so many cool things to help people lead an easier and more comfortable life. There are booths with new scooters, wheelchairs, vans, and all kinds of little things to trick out your wheelchairs with. I remember last year there was a booth that had some of the little wheels that, when moving, flickered all different colors. So neat!

If you want to come by, stop over at the CCI booth and say hello!!!

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  1. I love those names! Glad you get your pup back...being puppy less is NO fun!