Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nuri's weekend

Well Nuri is loving being home! She has had a lot of fun playing with our other dogs and just lounging around. The only thing is that she is not feeling very well. My poor baby decided to reveal the contents of her stomach a few times this weekend which is not so good! So I emailed NER's Kennel Manager, Jen, and asked her what Nuri was like in the kennels while in heat. She is now on chicken and rice which will hopefully help settle her stomach and make life a little bit easier for her. She is subdued still which could be because she isn't feeling well, or just the transition from coming out of her heat cycle.

One thing that has really changed is that she is extremely clingy right now. When Wilara went into heat and came home she wasn't nearly as clingy as Nuri has been. Wherever I am, she has to be. She loves to sleep at my feet all the time and even as I write this entry she is curled up with her head on my pillow (I'm laying on the floor) and watching me. It's like glue! I dont mind it now, but hopefully she will be able to get over the clingyness since it's not a good trait to have!

Another little recap of the Abilities Expo:
I forgot to mention a few funny things that happened at the Expo on Friday when I was there. Nuri and I wandered around a lot since that seemed to be the only way I was going to get her out of the crate for a long period of time. While wandering I had a lot of people shout out praise about CCI. It was quite a shock! I remember walking around last year and stirring up attention, but nothing like this. I had people shouting "YEAH CCI!" and "CCI is the best organization!" or "I love CCI, there's no organization that's as good as you guys are". It was so encouraging to hear these things! It helps me know that we have been able to reach out to a lot of different people which is just awesome. On my walks around I sent a lot of people to our booth and I know we had a lot of people fill out an application request form. Many people were very impressed that we could give the dogs for free and it helped us gain a lot of attention. Another organization was there and people were liking the fact that we could offer the dogs for free while they charged a sizable donation to receive one of their dogs. It's also interesting to see the many different organizations out there. I usually see at least 4-5 different capes/harnesses in any given day. It's so amazing how many there are!

If you were at the Expo this weekend I hope you enjoyed yourselves and saw all the amazing things that were being offered. Hopefully you stopped by the CCI booth to say hello! We look forward to seeing people there next year!

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