Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Officially Dogless

I am officially without my CCI pup for the next few weeks! Nuri went into heat last night and is on her way up to NER for her heat cycle. It will be weird around here to not have a pup to train. When my last pup, Wilara, went into heat I had Nuri around to keep me occupied. No such luck this time!

Nuri is a pure Golden Retreiver, and most Puppy Raisers know, the pure Goldens are hard to come by! So Nuri and her entire litter are being kept intact as potential breeders. Whenever Nuri goes into heat I have to take her up to stay in the kennels at NER. Since I live close enough to the regional offices, she goes up there. If I lived further away I would have to find a suitable kennel where Nuri would stay for her heat cycle. I'm glad I'm close enough to NER to send her up there because I know she gets the best love and attention by their staff! They all love to play with the puppies and take them out to run. I know Nuri will have a good time up there and be ready to come home in a few weeks!

But for now I'm without a CCI pup :( and it's a very weird feeling. I have a Puppy Raiser Workshop this Saturday and no pup to go train with! Of course she had to do this now...typical!

I'll keep everyone posted on how she's doing when I hear something. Things will be a bit slow here so I won't be doing many posts, but keep checking back!

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