Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wilara Update - AT report

So it's the end of the month and that means AT reports here in the Northeast! I'm not sure how often they come in other regions, but NER has them sent out the last Wednesday of every month. Well surprise! They decided to mess with us this month and sent them all last night! I was at puppy class and my phone rings saying there's a new email and it was the AT report! I was so happy to get it because I have missed my little Wilara so much and these are what I look forward to every month. It seems that Wila has gone back to barking and whining a bit more than I think they like. They were both checked off this time and they haven't been checked off before. She really started this when Nuri came along and it's no good that she is still doing it. Hopefully it's something that will lessen over time.

Other than that it seems like she is still in good shape. Any PR will tell you that most of the reports that we get are not stellar. Instead they tend to make us worry and worry and worry some more about our pups. I try not to get upset by some of them, but it never works. Whatever the dog chooses I am fine with! But Wilara is hanging tough and that's all that matters.

Here is what the comments section of her report reads:

This month in training, Wilara has begun retrieving a wooden dumbbell. She has also transitioned well to working her basic commands around the wheelchair. We are currently working on down position and generalizing push to new drawers. On a field trip to Sam's Club, Wilara was low management but slow to initiate her commands. In the play yard, we have been working on patterning her to return with a fetched toy and lifting her head to place it in my hand. When approached by other dogs in the play yard, Wilara will stiffen and hackle when they sniff her. Next month, we will begin to generalize the retrieve to new objects as well as work on push in new settings.

It's a very positive report except for the hackling part. It is something that she has always done and nothing I ever tried could get her to stop doing it. It's like she needs to feel out the other dog first before she lets down her defenses. She's a little one! But like I said before, she's hanging tough and working hard and that's all I ask of her. I know that she will make a great working dog, or even a great mom. She's still in consideration for the breeding program. I haven't heard anything yet as to whether she was selected. But her report still has a checked Y when asked if she is a potential breeder! So I'll go by that for now.

Until the next report!!

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